Willo Hill Dental New Panoramic X-Ray

Dr Margaret Howell and the Willo Hill Dental Group is proud to announce the addition of a Planmeca Panoramic X-Ray to our dental office.

Using this type of gag free x-ray technology we will be able to determine if any of the following conditions are present:

  • Neoplasms (growths-cancerous and non cancerous)

  • Impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth

  • Cysts

  • Abscesses

  • Jaw/joint relationship and potential problems

  • Growth pattern of children’s teeth

  • Congenitally missing teeth

  • Extra teeth

  • Fractures

  • Abnormal eruption paths

  • Abnormal resorption of bone and teeth

  • Periodontal disease

  • Tooth-sinus relationships

  • An aid in detecting the presence of calcifications with the carotid artery.

Example image

Example image

Why did we choose this type of x-ray equipment?

  • Patient comfort (an open air gag free x-ray)

  • Outputs a high resolution digital x-ray

  • Low patient and staff radiation

    • Bitewing at 4.6 µSv

    • Full panoramic Image at 15 µSv

Compare those with the following everyday items.

  • Living within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant - 10 µSv per year

  • A flight from New York to Los Angeles - 40 µSv

  • Smoking 1 ½ packs of cigarettes - 80 µSv

  • Living at sea level - 250 µSv per year

  • Living in Denver - 500 µSv  per year

Call for an appointment today.  If you have any questions about our new x-ray equipment feel free to ask, we are certainly glad to help.