Dental Insurance

It’s a new year. Your dental insurance may have changed.  It is important for you to understand your plan even if it stayed the same. Dental insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company. We are happy to find out more about your benefits but if you are informed it helps to minimize any miscommunication and out of pocket expenses.

Deductible – The amount for which you are responsible before the insurance will issue payment of benefits. The deductible is usually an annual fee. Some plans will waive the deductible for preventives services, others may charge the fee for X-rays.

Co-Insurance- The amount the insurance company will pay for the dental procedure. It depends on the service type:

  • Preventive (~80%-100%)- Cleanings, X-rays, Sealants & Fluoride

  • Minor (~50%-90%)- Fillings, Extractions & Root canals

  • Major (~25%-60%)- Crown, Dentures & Implants (if covered by the plan)

Every plan is different and some employers offer multiple benefit levels.  Cleanings and exams can be 2 times a calendar year; every six months; or 2 in a rolling calendar year.  Knowing your benefits helps us to serve you better. Together we can make the most of your coverage.